Baby Buddy 360 Toothbrush Stage 5 - Pink

Baby Buddy

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Looking to give your baby the proper oral care but don’t have the proper tools? Brilliant Oral Care will guide you and your baby with a step by step customized program to achieve your goal. Discover the effect you have on your child’s oral care by starting in their early years to help develop a love of brushing and good oral habits throughout.

Turn the teeth brushing nightmare into a dream with the Brilliant Baby Toothbrush. Creating a fun brushing for baby while teaching the skills, kids will ask to brush and moms will be pleased. The 360° brush-head guide mom to brush baby’s teeth thoroughly and easily, reaching all crevices without twisting your wrist. The soft round-tip bristles gently massage baby’s gums and clean precious teeth. It’s The Can’t Miss Toothbrush devised specifically for the baby’s mouth that provides a more powerful solution for cleaner teeth, tongue and gums than one-sided toothbrushes.

For newborn’s tender gums and baby’s teething, the products are designed to take care of gums and budding baby teeth from an early age with soft and safe products that children love to chew on. Once your child’s teeth erupt, the program progresses to the distinctive Brilliant Toothbrushes.